Japanese Water-based Woodcut Printmaking (Mokuhanga)

Mokuhanga is perfect for artists interested in a non-toxic, table-top printmaking technique. Over the course of the weekend you will learn the basic skills to transfer and carve a 'key line' and colour separation blocks, in the tradition of Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaking. With no press required, only a hand held barren, you will learn techniques to achieve various print effects, from 'sesame printing' to 'bokashi' (gradation), while registering your multi-block image through the simple traditional 'kento' system. You will be sure to fall in love with both the process and results of this accessible, water-based printmaking method which provides endless possibilities.

Some recent feedback from a participant on this course ...

"It was fabulous. Lucy is such a patient, inspirational teacher and I felt I learnt a whole new skill in a weekend. The course numbers were just right and we all got to know each other over the weekend - a good chance to network. I'm now inspired to continue with this form of printing and to use it in my MA project."



Mokuhanga Follow-up, a weekend workshop focused on the printing side of the Japanese woodblock printing process. Students with some experience of Mokuhanga are invited to join me at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield on 2nd & 3rd February 2019. FULLY BOOKED.

Mokuhanga Revisited, a weekend workshop focused once again on the Printing process of Mokuhanga is scheduled at HBP in Salford, UK on 9th & 10th February 2019. FULLY BOOKED.

A weekend workshop focussed on Mokuhanga printing in Hull is scheduled at Studio Eleven 16th & 17th February 2019. FULLY BOOKED.

A one day Mokuhanga taster is scheduled on 26th February 2019 (FULLY BOOKED) and on Saturday May 11th at Northern Print, Newcastle, UK.

A one day Mokuhanga taster is scheduled on Sunday 12th May at Kirkcudbright Galleries in Scotland

An intensive 4-day Summer School from 1st to 4th August 2019 at WYPW, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK.

A 4 day retreat at Tilton House in Sussex is running from Monday August 19th - Thursday August 22nd 2019.