Knit one Knitting Event

On December 12th 2015 I hosted a community knitting event at Bjarmanes cafe, in Skagastrond, North Iceland. became a space for the act of Icelandic knitting. Members of the village were invited to join me to knit, or learn how to knit a knitted square of any size from un-spunn pure Icelandic wool. Classic Christmas films were screened, while contributors chatted and knitted together, sharing knitting techniques and stories. Marking the count down to the Winter Solstice, this event coincided with the 'knit one' daily knitting performance in 'Arnes house', where on December 22nd, 22 hand knitted panels were hand stitched together to form a blanket, in acknowledgement of the return to longer days and in ode to the village midwife who kept a premature baby alive in Winter by creating a bed of  Icelandic wool for warmth and survival.

Each days' performance was documented by filming a line being knitted, which formed a short mediative film 'Knit one'. The film was projected onto the bedroom walls of 'Arnes' house during the last days of December 2015..