письма-‐треугольники - Letters of triangles

There was a time in which soldiers, having a prolonged absence from home, were thought to suffer and sometimes die of Nostalgia. This malaise later became known as homesickness. During WWII Russian soldiers sent triangular correspondence to their loved ones. In these письма-треугольники, the letter and envelope were one, allowing censors to access and omit any sensitive material without compromising the structure. The simple design meant the content and address never became separated and made the letters easily identifiable as priority mail to the postal service. 

Two triangular letters - one, an edited letter home - one, a stream of consciousness, overlaid and read as one, flitting between the sentiments of the head and then heart, unedited. 

Letterpress printed edition of 40, of which the first 10 letters are housed in a handmade clamshell box with handkerchief printed lining papers and special edition triangular letter. Printed in Gold and Copper ink on found paper and tracing paper. Published by Battenburg Press in April of 2013.