MI-LAB Upper- Advanced Residency Fujikawaguchiko, Japan,1st June - 5th July 2019.

During early Summer 2019, I am returning to the Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory at Fujikawaguchiko lake, at the foot of Mount Fuji to attend the MI-LABUpper- Advanced residency Programme with 6 other artists from the USA, Ireland, Japan and Canada.

This programme focusses more deeply on carving, tool sharpening, printing techniques, mounting, screen & scroll making and sizing washi. The programme is designed by the participating artists to hone these unique skills which are difficult to learn outside of Japan.

Taught by master carvers, printers, baren makers and contemporary printmakers the work created during this residency by the 7 artists will be exhibited in Tokyo from July 7th at CfSHE Gallery, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo.