V & A Museum of Childhood Residency as recipient of  Craft Central's Reflect Forward Award.

Delving into the hidden archives of the V&A Museum of Childhood,with access to the vast collection of Dolls' houses and related ephemera, I uncovered remnants  from the controlled and make believe world of the dolls house, gathering and uncovering lost narratives. Collecting the letters of mothers, wives and daughters who bequeathed these constructed homes, intimating the reasons for creating these perfect miniatures worlds, I began to explore the mendacity of anticipated domesticity.  So-called mimicry of our everyday lives and expectations, the dolls houses forced me to re-examined my own childhoodhood fantasies and realities, my family  relationships and the constructed narratives we create for ourselves  in order to survive. In re-constructing a series of contemplative spaces, the viewer is invited into a familiar environment and asked to glimpse and reflect on one owns notion of constructed childhood memory through the objects and narratives presented. The work later went on to be presented in the window of 'Frank,as part of a satellite event for the Whitstable Biennale.