Souvenirs of Vulnerability

A collection of object portraits that pinpoint moments in relationships that expose the shift in balance of affection or trust, marking moments of vulnerability. These moments are symbolised through the portraiture of selected objects, objects that suggest the memory of human fallibility and relationship failings. Each portrait is expressed naively, honestly on paper with water-colour and ink. Each portrait is translated into the page of the book through Risography. The prints are French -folded, perforated and sewn shut using a variation on the Japanese stab stitch. Each one must be separated by the reader by hand, and in turn torn in two, in order to expose the artwork within. Each book is housed in a bespoke hand made slip case, bound in teal blue or candy pink Colorado book cloth, with a foil debossed yellow banana blocking on the cover.  

Two colour Risograph prints in soya based ink (Gold & Orange or Florescent Pink) on Zerkall 145gsm paper, soft-back cover Riso-print on handmade paper with reduced stab stitch in silk embroidery thread. Edition of 8 with teal or pink slip case, 130 x 190 mm, 2013