TEDx Fukuoka Women Event  

On Saturday May 30th. I gave a TEDx talk on my 'Bibliotherapy Artist's Book Library' project,for the TEDx Fukuoka Women 'Momentum' event. 

The BABL project is a public intervention art work, combining a long established interest in the act of reading, emotional fluency, empathy and art as a therapeutic device. 

Lucy May Schofield is an artist and curator of the ‘Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library (BABL)’. BABL is a mobile touring library, home to around 200 artists’ publications, offering a unique reading experience to visitors through a combination of mindfulness and bespoke book prescriptions. Her practice focuses on artists’ books, as vessels to communicate. She has initiated projects to encourage access and exposure to engaging art works since 2002.

ルーシー・メイ・スコフィールド氏は芸術家であり、「Bibliotherapy Artist’s Book Library (BABL)」(芸術家の本の図書館による読書療法)のキュレーターでもあります。B­ABLは200冊ほどの芸術家の本が詰まった移動図書館であり、マインドフルネスと、­個々の為の、本による処方箋との融合を通し、訪問者に対して独自の読書体験を提供して­います。彼女はこれらの芸術作品と人々が出会う機会を広める為に、2002年より、こ­のプロジェクトに携わっています。

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx