Wish you were here

I wish you here to soothe a primal fear

I wish you here brimful of tingling firecracker thoughts

I wish you here on a blanketed balmy evening with all possibility before us

I wish you here to kiss me in the morning

I wish you here with a vast hand spread eagled cradling my cheek

I wish you here to feel a mouth migrating to a neck, palms matched

I wish you here breathing me in, filling your lungs with scent for a long cold winter

I wish you here as piercing diagonal sleet sweeps across the landscape

I wish you here to escape the poorly of soul and tired of mind

I wish you here to bottle thoughts with exquisite memory

I wish you here pacing around me like a wary wild thing

I wish you here while the creaking floorboards of my soul ache at the movement of my memories

I wish you here to provide a brow stroke, a hand squeeze, a sign

I wish you here to catch a string of opaque pearls on your cotton sleeve

I wish you here as two souls in the night search for the truth and the words to give it wings

I wish you here to reap the truth from the fields of fear

I wish you here feeling forlorn, lovelorn

I wish you here with reassuring words swimming through warm air docking on sad earlobes

I wish you here to see confusion give way to clarity, paper covers rock


A series of letterpress printed postcards took flight  to Hong Kong for a group exhibition at the Para/Site Gallery, titled 'Fugue in the key of Understanding'. The work was created during train journeys between London and Manchester, each 'wish you were here' ending with a yearning plea to a lover. Each of the twenty wishes were hand set in Univers Light and printed in an edition of 1000 on off-white beer mat board on a Heidleburg platen press in silver ink.  The limited edition sentiments will now no longer be available to purchase in the UK and only available to visitors to the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.