May I be excused

Bon jour, I arrived with high spirits and a pinch of trepidation to the far flung reaches of Annaghmaconway, Co. Leitrim on Wednesday evening to the loving maison djeribi small holding. The sun cooled night air welcomed me on my virgin Ireland visit. I met the 38 residents (34 animals, 4 of the loveliest humans, + 9 soon to be hatched eggs), ate home made cheese on freshly baked bread, dipped in a perfectly soft-boiled egg. delicious. I spent Thursday & Friday listening carefully to advice on goat management, shy donkey nurturing, chicken curfews and nursery runs, cat diets, winding road directions in the turquoise left hand drive twingo, but most of all sharing in the excitement of the imminent exchange with Mari-Aymone of 'The Institute of Life Wonderful'. We will be writing about this most ingenious mutual fusion of 'life wonderful' on a dedicated blogette. Details will follow at some point, until then, some readers may be pleased to hear that I've lost the impulse to cry in the Deli aisle (there's little time between giving piggy backs in the long grass/being led to secret willow cabins in the bog wood). I'm on my own now and ask the full moon to not let any little fellas die on my watch.