As determined as a dandelion

The School of Life wrote a very poignant posting on determination a few days ago. I read it last night with a dear friend whom it seemed also very fitting. Sometimes it's easy to let yourself be blown about by the wind, and loose grasp of the roots that ground you. I then opened an email from another very special friend who sent me a quote from a book written by the inspiring Monty Don,
'I remember, many years ago, chatting to a man whilst waiting for the ferry to Mull and asking where he came from and he replied in the lovely singsong of the highlands and islands, 'My people belong to Gigha' which at the time - and now- I thought one of the most beautiful and poetic ways of describing one's roots. I now know that this is how almost all Scots will say where their home is. For many of us this is impossible. We do not necessarily feel that our people 'belong' anywhere or that we belong with them. For all the pity of that I also believe that you can arrive at where you belong and that this can be a subtle and diverse thing. But it matters terribly to find out where it is.'
It's just a thought that makes everything I'm doing just now feel important on a day that felt like I was the captain of a sinking ship. Be Brave as a Lion, Determined as a Dandelion. x