A NeW *WORKSHOP* Announced

The Complete Bookmaker (8 evenings)
Wednesdays 26th January to 16th March 2011
6.00pm – 9.00pm
Over 8 snug evenings come to Hot Bed Press and explore narrative and sequence, form and content, text and image. Become smitten and get inspired by my collection of contemporary artists’ books and give yourself over to being taught the skills you need to make various wondrous book structures of your own. We will use print/type/stitch/folding techniques to develop your bookish creations, drink lots of tea and have inspired conversations while being exceptionally productive. The workshop is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners
to seasoned book makers, as you will dictate the pace. It will also be a great opportunity to allow anyone with an idea for a book that hasn’t yet come to fruition to dedicate the time to experiment with different techniques and get valuable feedback. Be quick to reserve your place at the workshop table and kick 2011 off with the a book case full of enthusiasm.
Cost £200 (£185*)