A Sweet Autumnal

On Saturday I walked to Brooklyn Museum, taking in the magic of the 'Unnameable Bookshop', a cup of hot cider at the Prospect Park Farmers Market and some thought provoking exhibits. I sought out the Eva Hesse 'Spectres' show, and the 'Centre for Feminist Art' but found myself captivated by the informal talk and tour given by the NY based artist Sanford Biggers around his current show 'Sweet Funk - An Introspective'. I was particularly drawn to the 'Cheshire Grin' appearing and disappearing above his 'Blossom' tree/piano sculpture. Transported to the comfort of Lewis Carroll's 'Wonderland' yet informed by the reference to racial stereotypes the piece embodies. It was a real treat to hear the artist speak and his energy stayed with me throughout an application endured weekend.