UP State

Taking the bus to Woodstock in fall via Rosendale to meet the lovely team and talents at the Women's Studio Workshop lived up to expectation. So welcoming, they invited us to stay for a delicious and creative pot luck lunch out on the deck amongst the trees. We spent a peaceful and inspired afternoon reading dozens of editions in their artist's book archive. My eyes were on stalks at the quality of crafts(wo)manship, the facilities available from the magnificent Chandler press to the rye paper making stew and the addictive enthusiasm the workshop emits. So generous in sharing their book making world with us, we were bowled over by the WSW interns, artists and staff, leaving the wooded bliss full hearted.

On to Woodstock for a few sun drenched days, where we hitched a ride up Overlook Mountain by a great stroke of luck with the fabulously lovely Mariella Bisson. She gave us iced tea, luscious views and a tour of her magnificent dream home and studio. Reliant on our feet alone, she whisked us off in her car to 'Maverick' and then 'Birdcliffe' for a glimpse of where Woodstock as an artist's utopia began in 1903. Such an inspiration, amongst the rich landscape, the legacy long, I felt a small sense of belonging in those woods.