Typewriter Mourning

In the week of the last-ever typewriter built in the UK rolling off the production lines in North Wales, it's high time to dust down your keys and join me for two winter evenings limbering up your index fingers to create typewriter works of art, to be hung in celebration and memory of this fine piece of engineering.  


2 Evenings Course
Starting: Tuesday 4th December 2012
Ending: Tuesday 11th December 2012
From: 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Spaces available

A intensive 2 evening workshop in the art of typewriters/typewriter art. This is a rare opportunity to experiment with 4 different typewriters for creating text as image, image as text. With inspired examples of artists pushing the medium of the typewriter forwards you will become addicted to the potential and possibilities of the instant print gratification of typewriting.
Book it! Only 3 places left...Typewriter tip tip tip...