Souvenirs of Vulnerability *special edition

A collection of object portraits that marked moments of vulnerability in relationships. Each page is a Riso-print translation of the original watercolour paintings of the souvenirs kept post exposed vulnerability. Each object a memento of a shift in feeling. The pages are french folded, perforated and sewn using a variation on a Japanese Stab binding. Each page must be separated by the viewer in order to expose the artwork souvenir. Each book is housed in a bespoke slip case, covered in teal blue or candy pink Colorado book cloth, with a foil debossed yellow banana on the cover. 

Two colour Risograph printed in soya based ink (Gold & Orange/Flouoro Pink) on Zerkall 145gsm paper, soft-back cover Riso-printed on handmade paper with reduced stab stitch in silk embroidery thread, handmade slip case with exposed foredge. Edition of 8, teal or pink slip cases available 130 x 190 mm, 2013, £38. Available Here for Worldwide shipping and

 Here in the UK