Where did the last 2 months go?

Where did August and September disappear to? It was a whirlwind and I have just emerged. 
Please forgive my silence while the excitement and terror of beginning a new chapter in my life engulfed me. 
Here are some pictures to fill in the gaps of two of the most magical-emotional-stressful-emergent months. 

Many projects came to an end and exhibitions were curated and hung.

 Examining everything in a keep/let go of sort of way, whilst making editions every spare minute. 

Brief days of beautiful family seaside relief 

Studio sorting/making/clearing 

 Precious Breakages

The wonderful invitation to LENvention in Bristol to be calm in the letterpress workshop with inspiring printers. 

Walks with perspective (and alpaca) in Yorkshire 

A place that remained a refuge for tea and tears was flat 9 in the tree tops.