So this is Japan.

After returning from New York 20 months ago a declaration was made.  A decision to live in Japan. As each month passed, our days became strikes off the calendar, marking the closeness of the idea into our real. 

The window is wide open, but air only comes through the blades of the pistachio Mitsubishi metal fan. It's 31 degrees. It's October 7th. I am wearing a '30's Liberty printed cotton dress and am trying to reach calm. Birds are in full song, now the cicadas are silent. The smell of life here is sweetsavouryfreshsmokesea. As I open each drawer I air the mothballs and infuse my scent, mark my space to feel home. The unfamiliar dominates. Familiar has dissolved. The sky promises a thunderstorm soon, which mustn't break me with the heat. 

Each day I find the importance of Being Here. Creating a rhythm to live. Noticing everything. Thankful for the fear. Learning to talk. Standing and remaining. Not running. Making a connection from this point to that, like joining the dots and hoping for a picture. My challenge is here. You're welcome to be here with me.